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Renovation Testimonials

We would whole-heartedly recommend the renovation services of Stanley Bond. He and his crew completely redesigned and rebuilt our front porch as they closed it in, turning the facade of our house from something of an embarrassment into a source of real pleasure. In carrying out the many tasks involved in this small project, Stan and his helpers were all professional, courteous, painstaking, and reliable, happy to make useful suggestions while always putting clients’ interests first, and taking pride in their work. Stan is patient and accommodating too: we thought of some extra work we wanted done and he took care of it. We’ll contact Stan again whenever we need work done on our house.

Hope you’ve had a little bit of time to relax in the last few weeks,




Hi Stan. Just a couple of words about you, your work, and your company. I was so very lucky to find you online, and glad I choose you out of 3 other quotes which were similar. It was the very positive reviews of you and your work that tipped the scale.  I could not agree more with some of the comments.  You were very easy to deal with and helped me with some decisions, all which worked out marvelously. The people who worked with you were all professional and also nice to deal with (Eric the plumber). You are a very hard worker, adjusted your busy schedule to do my job (complete bathroom renovation) on my schedule, not yours. You worked overtime to get the job done before I was homeless. Cost was reasonable and did not increase as work progressed.  And….then there was the work itself. Awesome!  Your recommendations for colour of grout for tiles was perfect. The tiles were installed seamlessly. Absolute perfection! I keep staring at my beautiful bathroom…..sometimes I even use it. All my friends love it and comment on the great workmanship. Thanks Stan. I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for home repairs/renovations. Again, I was very lucky to have found you and others will feel the same way.

Thanks, Bev



My husband and I bought a 2 bedroom West End apartment this Spring, intending to live in it for a short while then rent it out as an investment. Keen budgeting was therefore crucial: all the way from the purchasing to the renovation $$$.

We achieved the former almost flawlessly; the tricky part is the latter. We had to heavily depend on our intuition to decide which contractor could best help us. From April to July we had quite a few estimates ranging from triple to double to half, and even a quarter of what we had in mind. The process was a spirit-dampener. We were ready to rent it out as it was.

Stanley showed up (referred to us by BBB directory) to change the situation. His professional expertise and confidence enabled him to give a quote quite close to our budget. He listened attentively, checked the unit thoroughly, patiently took notes and made calculations. During the course, he exuded an aura of trustworthiness respectfulness and subtle compassion, which are rare gems of qualities in this trade.

The team started and finished the job within the designated period, except for a few days of delay because of parts mix-up and delayed delivery on the warehouse’s side. The job entailed two totally renovated bathrooms, all floorings being removed and upgraded with thick wood-laminates, and kitchen/baths replaced with ceramic (wood-looking) strips, some painting and replaced hardware.

My husband and I aptly appraised the after-effect of the renovation. We were able to move right in long-term and feel proud to entertain with our newly polished walnut flooring, and the gleaming bathrooms with modern quality hardware and accessories.

Last but not least, we truly appreciated Stanley’s attention to detail. For instance, the existing common-looking kitchen cabinets were beyond our budget to replace. Stanley and I agreed the cheapest solution would be to replace the dated round ceramic white knobs on the cabinets. He urged me to trust him and provided us with a choice of knobs, which he was sure we would approve of. His choice was a 1” 1-hole brushed steel vertical bar, matching the long handle bar of the closets in the kitchen. These new knobs miraculously lifted and modernized the entire look of the kitchen. This added value far outweighed the meagre dollars Stanley had inspired us to spend.

Though we have been “renovation-fatigued” our whole life, we are glad because from now on we can sleep peacefully through the night in our new home, and that shall be the same for our clan and circle of fortunate people.

LK Chin – Richmond , B.C.



It had been 35 years between renovations when I contacted The Work Exchange (TWE) and what began as one job to install new flooring linoleum, evolved into a piece-meal complete renovation of interior painting, tiling (wall and floor), laminate floor covering to replace 40 year-old, wool carpet, and assorted exterior repairs and upgrades; all very much needed. The end result? I basically have a new house, which is a joy coming home to.

During these past nine months, three things stand out regarding the tradespeople in your employ:

  • Their reliability
  • Quality of workmanship
  • Their politeness and honesty ( I had no worry of leaving my house while work was in progress).

I give you Stan & Mark, full credit for vetting the people in your employ, and making the choices you have. Most importantly, if I had a concern and called Stan, my call was returned within minutes and NEVER more than an hour, and that was on rare occasions. In conclusion, if I am in need of additional house renovation services I will certainly call the work exchange.

Bernard Olfman – Vancouver , B.C.



Dear Stan,

Well, the job at my home is complete. The replacement of the outdoor tile on my large deck was done by your crew in a most professional manner and the result is beautiful. Also the floor in the entry and the panels on the retaining wall finished the job in an artful manner.

Every part of this project was handled in a most satisfactory manner starting with your planning and your positive attitude toward the problems.

Your crew members were polite and cheerful at all times an they took great care to maintain a clean workplace including the necessity to move all of the material through the house. Your tiler, Patrick, did a masterful job, and he saved the whole project when the tile delivered originally was discovered to be defective, and he found a better tile for the replacement.

The result is something that you can be truly proud of. You fulfilled your contract with no debates and no extras, although there was some extra work along the way. I would recommend your company to any one.


Clyde Jacobs



Dear Stan,

We are very pleased with the renovations you have carried out on our North Vancouver home and with the unfailing courtesy of your skilled colleagues and yourself. We are especially pleased with the replacement of our back fence and stairs carried out by your carpenter Nick Butorac.

Ross & Gisela Labrie



Dear Stan,

Re: Repairs, renovations and re-decorations of our West Vancouver home

We are writing to tell you how very pleased we are with your handling of the contract and the work undertaken in bringing the interior of our twenty-eight year old home up to “as-new” condition. We appreciated the promptness of your response, the care you took in preparing estimates, the short lead time to the beginning of the work and your ability to arrange for all specialty sub-trades and subcontractors to appear in short order and appropriate sequence.

The quality of work is outstanding and evident in the replacement of tile floors; the installation of flooring in halls and stairways; the replacement of previously water-damaged clear cedar ceilings and feature walls; re-building of window sills and casements with the installation of new windows in the main bedroom; the refinishing of wooden beams in the living room, dinning room, kitchen and family room as well as hand rails on the stairways; the replacement of closet doors and finishing of the new ones; the installation of new solid surface counters in the kitchen and rebuilding of vanities in two bathrooms. All these were carried out with the utmost care by skilled craftspeople, who engaged in creative problem solving and provided excellent solutions. And, although it was perhaps more mundane, the weeks of painstaking preparation that preceded the repainting of the entire interior of our home, was undertaken conscientiously and completely. And related plumbing and electrical work were performed in a timely and efficient way. Altogether, our experience with The Work Exchange was very positive!

We are enjoying the “new home” in which we have lived for close to thirty years and we would be pleased to provide reference, should you wish potential clients to call us.

Yours sincerely,

Arlene and Dan Birch



Dear Stan,

As promised here is our heartfelt endorsement for the work we have had done by The Work Exchange over the past several years. From interior painting to carpet laying, refinishing of hardwood floors, vinyl floor replacement, to bathroom renovation, all work has been completed most satisfactorily, and within a reasonable time frame. The tradespeople you employ are competent, often have helpful suggestions and work quickly and unobtrusively. Best of all, you inspect the work and quickly rectify any errors or omissions.

We are pleased to endorse The Work Exchange as a reliable and trustworthy firm and we thank you for your jobs well done.


Jean and Ed Rumohr



My wife and I live in Vancouver and recently had our sundeck, which was some 25 years or so older, replaced. It had been constructed of pressure treated Hemlock and stood up well but was due for replacement.

We had good fortune to meet Mr. Stanley Bond, Principal of The Work Exchange (Bond Restorations) Ltd., whose office is located at 4537 East Hastings Street in Burnaby and whose company carried out the replacement in goo time at the agreed price. Mr. Bond suggested using pressure treated Pine instead of Hemlock. Any concerns or queries we raised during construction were dealt promptly and resolved to our satisfaction. The workmanship was excellent.

In result our sundeck slightly larger than the original (four feet added on) is a beautiful replacement finished to our complete satisfaction.

J.L. Woodley



We hired Stan Bond and the Work Exchange this summer (2011) to re-paint our living room and dinning room, the front entryway atrium and stairwell, and the upper hall, as well as the whole exterior of our stucco house and separate garage and all exterior trim. I addition Stan replaced baseboard to match an earlier renovation on our main floor and installed a new basement door and jam. We were very pleased with the final job and would recommend The Work Exchange. Stan addressed every issue and made sure all of the work was done to our satisfaction.

Bob and Elaine of Burnaby



I have been doing business with The Work Exchange – Bond Restorations for 6 years. The staff and employees are remarkable people. They care about their job and and their customers. And they do fantastic work. If a friend asked me if I know of anyone I could call to come to do work on my house. I would say – Ya. Call The Work Exchange – Bond Restorations.

Very satisfied customer,

Mr. Boras

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